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Why Rent A Water Purifier For Home

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A lot of us are still not entirely convinced regarding the benefits of using a water purifier. This blog post is a guide on how you can easily afford the best water filter in India, through the water purifier rental programme by LivPure Smart, because payments are small and monthly, and does not include the payment of upfront cash for the appliance as well. If you shift your residence frequently, or want to pay for only want you drink, this is the best choice for tap water filter. Renting water purifier for home is then both convenient as well as affordable.

Renting water purifiers is both efficient and hassle free, as it offers zero investment, zero maintenance charges and zero security deposit, for as long as you choose to use the product, also freedom from the packaged water suppliers and their services, whose water quality is also questionable. Whereas the water suppliers charge around Rs. 2 – 4 for per litre of water, through rental programmes you only need to pay Rs 1.2/- per litre for a monthly usage of 542 litres.

The plastic containers of the packaged water suppliers are harmful for health and can generate bacteria when stored out in the open. Where as in tap water filter rental, there is the assurance of having pure RO purified water to drink, that too at very affordable rates.

What’s more, you may enroll for the seven days no risk trial and that too with zero additional installation cost. The machine and the servicing will both be provided by the company you are renting it from, and it is free for lifetime, including real time water-quality checks.

Now both the water that you drink and your health are in safe hands, with the smart tap water filters backed by technological support from HEKA. Lay back and enjoy the engineering marvels such as

IOT enabled smart indicators, real time filter health information as well as service support on the screen of your smartphone.

You are in for a guaranteed smart deal when you take part in water filter rental programmes, because it enables you to get a seamless supply of pure drinking water that is also RO filtered, at a much lower price when compared to branded packaged water container or the leading water purifiers in the market.

Not having to buy the purifier or paying for the water jars save around Rs. 9000/- -15000/- each year. You also get the benefits of checking water quality in real time or getting replacement of a faulty filter at zero extra cost. The service providers are there to help you with a single phone call for zero-cost installation or replacement of the RO device.

A filtering device comes with the 4-in-1 advantage of RO, UV, UF and Taste Enhancer, all blended into the purification process of the pure and healthy water that is generated from it. Upon subscription, you are entitled to the prompt services and assured quality offered by the company and can live your life at the fullest, without having to go through the hassles of buying any water purifier.

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