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Which Is the Most Effective Teeth Alignment Procedure

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Teeth alignment procedures and orthodontic practices, in general, have advanced dramatically over the last couple of decades. These days, if you have crooked teeth, all you need to do is visit the dentist and get fitted with braces. Apart from conventional metal braces, there are various methods available to straighten teeth depending on the unique needs of the patient.

Why are metal braces still the most popular?

Modern metal braces are still the most popular method used by orthodontists to straighten teeth today. One of the main advantages of metal braces is that they are the least-expensive teeth straightening technique. More people can afford metal braces and they are ideal when the patient is still young. The good thing is, orthoextent.com and other suppliers have high-quality and sophisticated orthodontic supplies used by practitioners today.

Conventional metal braces are also very useful in correcting severe misalignment and even bite issues. Since the orthodontist has better control over the adjustment and movement of teeth, metal braces work fast. There are also self-ligating metal braces which reduce the friction and pressure on the teeth. Self-ligating braces are less painful, but also quite effective as well.

The benefits of ceramic braces

The process of wearing ceramic braces is the same as metal braces except that the bracket is made of porcelain and usually mimics the color of the teeth. When it comes to effectiveness, ceramic braces are the same as metal braces. Patients who choose ceramic braces prefer them because they look less visible than metallic braces. For adult patients, ceramic braces are a better option. However, you may want to compare the cost of ceramic braces because these tend to be more expensive than metal braces.

What is a lingual brace?

A less common type of brace used for teeth alignment is lingual braces. These are attached the same as metal wires but are installed at the back of the teeth to hide the device from view. Orthodontists need specialized training to be able to use this type of treatment. Lingual braces are only suitable if the problem is minor. For severe malocclusions, metal braces and ceramic braces are still more effective.

Clear braces like Invisalign

Clear aligners like Invisalign have gained popularity because these are practically invisible and do not cause as much discomfort as conventional braces. The aligners are removable, and the patient can take them out for cleaning or when eating. Each plastic tray is custom-made according to the alignment requirements of the patient and replaced every two weeks.

In general, clear aligners are only effective for minor issues. These cannot be used to correct severe bite and malocclusions. Often, clear aligners are recommended as a maintenance apparatus after a patient has undergone conventional teeth alignment treatment such as wearing metal braces. These aligners can help keep the teeth in place and act like retainers.

Which method is best?

Determining which teeth alignment method is best depends on the condition of the patient. Orthodontists will typically recommend a treatment according to the severity of the issue. If you are interested in one treatment over another, it is always best to ask your orthodontist if the method you prefer will achieve the results you are aiming for.

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