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What are the Major Difference in Smooth and Textured Implants?

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Breast Augmentation surgery would help you enhance the shape and size of woman’s breasts. It would be done using the breast implants. Several women have been known to choose breast implant surgery to improve the contours of their body. It could also be used for correcting loss of breast volume that usually follows pregnancy. It would be helpful in making their breasts symmetrical or it could be used for other reasons as well. You should rest assured that bust line of woman could be increased by one or more cup sizes using the Breast implants.

Categorizing the Breast Implants

It would be pertinent to understand that breast implants could be categorized by the kind of filling and outer shell they have been made of. Such kinds of breasts implants would be working best for patients based on how the patient would like the breasts to feel and appear.

Understanding the Difference between Smooth and Textured implants

A majority of people have become familiar with different kinds of materials used in Breast Augmentation. It could be inclusive of saline or silicone. There could be other kinds of outer shells used as well having a textured or smooth surface. Let us help you determine the best breast implant shell surface and filler material suitable to your specific needs. It would help you achieve the desired results in the best manner possible.

  • Smooth Breast Implants

A smoother breast implant shell may not be thick as a textured shell. Therefore, it would be relatively soft and appear natural than textured breast implant shell. A smooth implant would move around freely similar to natural breast tissue during an activity, as compared to textured implant.

Smooth Breast implants have also been termed as round or smooth implants. A majority of patients would be using smooth implants, but every patient has been different. Moreover, specific medical problems would need usage of textured breast implants.

  • Textured Breast Implants

The textured implants encompass a thick shell. The textured breast implant shell would feel rough such as sandpaper. It would create a firm feeling as compared to round or smooth implant.

The textured Breast implants could be teardrop or round shaped. It would require textured shell, as the texture would assist in adhering to the breast tissue easily. It would help in the prevention of implant rotation, which may not be of concern in the round, smooth implants, as it appears similar to all angles. It would be yet another difference in both Breast Augmentation procedures.

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