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What are Dental Braces? What are Its Types?

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Dental braces are the equipment that belongs to the dentistry department that helps in aligning and straightening teeth. It also helps in positioning them in accordance with a person’s bite, and also serving the purpose to improvise your dental care. They also help in fixing gaps. There are 4 types of braces.

Types of Dental Braces

Metal or Traditional Braces

These are one of the primary types of dental braces. These braces comprise of metal brackets and wires to fix themselves into the mouth. In the older times, these were one painful way of realigning your teeth, but now with technical advancements, these can be installed quickly and with much lesser pain.


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Colored variants available


  • Most noticeable
  • Many rules and restrictions on food.

Ceramic Braces

They are somewhat similar to metal or traditional braces, except for the brackets to blend into the teeth. The brackets are available in colored variants. Tooth-colored wires are also available if you want to make it look less noticeable.


  • Much less noticeable than metal or traditional braces.
  • Makes teeth move much faster than invisible braces.


  • Much expensive than metal or traditional braces
  • The brackets can be easily spoiled if not looked after with proper care and management.

Lingual Braces

They are quite identical to metal or traditional braces, except that the installation of wires and brackets are done on the inside of the teeth.


  • Invisible from the outside view


  • Care and maintenance of these braces are difficult.
  • Expensive than the rest of the braces.
  • It is truly not suitable if the dental issues are severe.
  • Quite uncomfortable when you wear it in the beginning.
  • It takes much longer to adjust inside your mouth.
  • More difficult to maintain than traditional or metal braces.

Invisible Braces

These types of braces comprise a series of 18 to 30 custom-designed, mouth guard like clear, plastic aligners. These aligners are easily detachable and they can be replaced easily in every 2 weeks.


  • Almost invisible to the eye
  • No rules and restrictions on food.


  • Not suitable in case of severe dental problems.
  • Only available for teens and adults, but not children.
  • It is an expensive option.
  • Prone to get easily misplaced as they are almost invisible.
  • Costly to replace in case of damage or loss.
  • Treatment takes up a lot of time.
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