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The Harsh and Scary Reality of College Alcoholism

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College years mark some of the best, most popular times for students to experiment especially with alcohol. Studies show that roughly about 80% of all college students consume alcohol to some degree. And you find that about 50% of these students engage in binge drinking. Meaning that over 50% of college students consume excessive alcohol in such little time. This can affect you in so many ways. Not to mention the overall health implications that you may subject yourself to. Safe to say that you should enroll yourself into Sober Living before the situation gets worse.

Some young adults have even admitted to drinking alcohol even before enrolling to college. Post high schoolers always want to experiment and experience their newfound freedoms and independence. And alcohol usually tends to be at the heart of all that experience. How can it not be? With just how available alcohol is today. You can easily find alcohol at all sporting events, social activities, and meetings, etc. Plus, you have a young adult that’s looking to experiment. It’s only safe to expect him/her to try out the substance.

That’s when one small drink turns into two which quickly turns to three. Before you know it, your teen is drinking week in week out. Soon, the body builds a tolerance to alcohol which prompts the college student to want to drink more to experience the same high.

College students and binge drinking

Binge drinking, as mentioned earlier, is the case where someone drinks too much alcohol under a short timeframe. And you find that most college students binge drink. For the men, binge drinking usually involves drinking five alcoholic beverages or more within two hours. For the ladies, it involves gulping down four alcoholic beverages of more within two hours.

Most students, especially the freshmen, succumb to immense pressure to begin drinking like soon after their first day of classes. College students view alcohol to be a ‘college experience’ like things that students desire. You may even call it a rite of passage in college if you like. New students are always looking for the best ways to fit in and find new friends. And drinking usually tends to be the meeting point. Therefore, they start drinking and keep at it without knowing the potential consequences involved.

Today, you find that college students have moved past consuming just beer and gotten into consuming more hard liquor. So, rather than drinking to socialize and make friends, today’s college students drink to get drunk. And as liquor has a much higher percentage of alcohol by volume, it’s usually their preference. Plus, it also takes fewer drinks to feel its effects. Some college students even aim to drink as much as possible. Almost to the point of blacking out. College students may not know this, but such outcomes are usually hazardous. In some instances, they can even lead to life-threatening outcomes such as alcohol poisoning. Then again, you realize that some students already know of these hazardous outcomes but choose to ignore them and drink themselves almost to death, so to say, still.

Consequences of heavy drinking for students

You find that almost every college student’s life has somehow been impacted by the use of alcohol during their academic year. Therefore, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to drink yourself for your academic years to be affected. Take, for example, having a roommate who spends almost all his/her time drinking. And you witness just how much alcohol is affecting his/her life. This, in essence, affects you psychologically. Heavy drinking affects more than the individual who’s actually drinking. It can destroy other things as well like relationships and friendships.

Most alcohol-related issues start when an individuals drink too much and put their health at risk. Not just his, but the health of other people as well. College drinking can result in several consequences. All of which are dire and have severe repercussions. That should be all the reason you need to visit a Sober Living center to start getting rehabilitated.

Here are some consequences that heavy college drinkers may experience

  1. Poor class performance

The first evident impact you notice from consuming excessive alcohol is poor class performance. Your classwork will immediately start to deteriorate. In most cases, you find that the affected students take alcohol to be more of a priority to their classwork. You find yourself looking to drink to completing your homework, attending class, or even studying for exams.

You also find that these students hardly make any effort to improve their class performance either. All they think about is alcohol.

  1. Being a victim of assault

Alcohol also lowers a person’s inhibitions. Therefore, when excessively drunk, you are more susceptible to physical or sexual assault. All too often, you find that perpetrators look for drunk victims to sexually assault. Simply as these victims are usually too incoherent to even fight back.

  1. Risking injury

Excessively drunk people are also more susceptible to injuries. These injuries can range from minor cuts to concussions or even broken bones. The drunker you get, the higher your chances of getting injured. And most alcohol-related injuries are usually bruising, muscle sprains, fractures, and other similar issues.

In some instances, you even find that the injuries caused are self-inflicted. Sometimes, the intoxicated individuals may even commit suicide.

  1. Developing health issues

At times, the effects of heavy drinking may not be immediately evident. At times, it may even take months or years before you notice any effects. Over time, you find yourself suffering health-related issues such as high blood pressure, liver damage, and many other health complications.

  1. Committing criminal activities

People who are under the influence of alcohol also tend to be prone to committing criminal offenses. Offenses that they wouldn’t have, otherwise, committed while sober. You find that most excessively drunk college students partake in property damage, vandalism, driving under the influence, etc. Actions that can land them some jail time should they clash with the law.

Final thoughts

College students that partake in excessive, frequent drinking are more likely to develop a dependency on the substance later on in life. And that will end up affecting their emotional, mental, financial, and physical states and well-being. It’s also evident that bad drinking habits, especially while in college, can sometimes evolve into other issues in the future. Enroll in a Sober Living facility and work on freeing yourself from the shackles of alcohol while you still can, and it hasn’t affected your life too much.

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