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The Best Engagement Rings

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Searching for the perfect engagement ring can be challenging at the best of times, so with the sales season fast approaching its end, this short list briefly covers some of the best engagement rings out there at-the-moment, particularly the ones garnering the most positive attention for 2019. Comprised of traditional classics and up-and-coming trends sure to dominate the market, this list will explain some of the best places to research your next big purchase.


Tacori jewelry is all handcrafted in California and is renowned for many reasons, a notable one being their intricacy. Signature crescent fabric on the inner face of each ring offer stunning shines that scream to be noticed whilst not being too overbearing or show-off. Engagement rings in the Classic Crescent consist of diamond encrusted bands, self-described as what ‘started it all’. Similar, subtler designs include the Petite Crescent and Simply Tacori, each offering striking beauty and minimalism for a less-is-more effective ring. Tacori is sure to continue to reign popularity in 2019 with their classic-yet-diverse catalogue. Check out these Tacori rings.


Ritani is a relative newcomer in the jewelry industry having only been active since 2011. Since then, however, they’ve demonstrated passion, inspiring craftsmanship and an exciting versatility in their approach. Their merge of traditional and contemporary styles and a track record catalogue of over 60,000 diamonds offers plenty of choices, making it difficult not to find something that you will obsess over. From engraved diamonds to solitaire, halo to round, shapes and sizes are in no abundance and are sure to continue to be highly sought after in 2019.


A growing trend in our progressively environmentally-aware culture, a trend to look out for in 2019 is lab-grown diamonds. Nightingale offers this revolutionary step with their bespoke, authentic stones. Rest assured with lab-grown that these jewels are sourced sustainably, whilst saving money as mined diamonds cost more to source. A browse of their engagement ring library shows that there is no shortage of choice given there are different coloured diamonds in all shapes and sizes; certainly, an affordable movement to keep an eye on whilst exercising positive steps for the future of the planet.

Taylor & Hart

Taylor & Hart continue to impress since their creation in 2013. Specialising in personalised and customisable rings, the variety on offer is a pleasure to shop when selecting a ring for your fiancé-to-be. With collections available, filtered through an easy-to-navigate system, Taylor & Hart provide rings in platinum, rose, yellow and white golds, diamonds in Solitaire, Halo, Trilogy and more and offer over ten stone shapes, from classics like Round and Cushion to unique Princess and Hexagonal. Make a truly personal and identifiable engagement ring with Taylor & Hart.

Trends set to dominate the 2019  jewelry industry include being eco-friendly, original and ‘extra’ which is the art of not letting your engagement ring be subtle and discrete. Elaborate diamonds, flashy stones and bold colours are sure to only rise in popularity and these are some of the best places to look when researching your rings.

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