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Preventing and Treating Tendonitis in Hairstylists

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A common reason why many hairstylists have to leave their profession is because of hand injuries like tendonitis, carpal tunnel, and arthritis. Tendonitis occurs when a tendon becomes inflamed and swollen. This condition can be caused by a multitude of factors and there are ways of worsening the risk of getting tendonitis. Keep reading to learn about important preventative measures, signs you may be already living with the condition, and common, effective treatment methods.

Preventative Measures to Take

To avoid the complication of tendonitis in the first place, it is important for hairstylist to practice certain preventative measures. Incorporating B vitamins into your diet, practicing yoga, being healthy in general, avoiding styling hair during pregnancy, utilizing both hands, knowing correct body positions, and taking breaks can all help reduce the risk of an individual contracting tendonitis. Make sure you are practicing proper techniques and not taking shortcuts to save time since this mentality could hurt your work in the long run.

Symptoms of Tendonitis

Symptoms of tendonitis include loss of shoulder movement, tendon pain ranging in severity, wrist tenderness, and stiffening. Although hair stylists are particularly prone to tendonitis, other professions including construction workers, people who work desk jobs and type often, and individuals in agriculture are also particularly apt to certain hand injuries. You may have to seek out emergency hand surgery in Scottsdale if your symptoms become increasingly severe.

Treating Tendonitis in Hair Stylists

If you believe you are developing tendonitis or already suffering from it, there are certain ways you can lessen the effects or treat it altogether. Seeing a massage therapist, taking time to rest, using ice, and Advil can all help hair stylists or anyone who believes they may have tendonitis. Always consult with a professional if you believe that you are suffering from tendonitis or the symptoms continue to worsen.

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