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Men’s Guide to Dressing Up for a Formal Event

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You need to look amazing for a formal event. Wearing a suit is necessary since every other man in the room will probably do the same. Before you head there, these are some tips for you to remember.

Definition of black tie

When you read ‘black tie’ on the invitation, it does not necessarily mean that you need to wear a black tie. Instead, you need to wear something elegant. You need to wear a tuxedo for this event. It is usually applicable for an evening event. Find the best possible outfit to look great for the party.

Check the location

When choosing the suit, you need to take into account where the party will be. If you are heading to an outdoor event, you don’t need to wear a suit. However, you still need to bring a jacket. The person who invited you will also tell you if there needs to be a specific colour or shade in your outfit.

Determine the time of day

Some weddings are in the morning while others prefer to do it in the evening. There are also wedding ceremonies during the day, but the reception could extend into the night. Therefore, you need to wear an outfit appropriate for the time of the day. Avoid wearing a tuxedo before 5 pm as it is a faux pas. You need to wear something more formal at night. You can bring an extra outfit if you want to have separate looks for day and night.

Wearing an appropriate tie

The best tie to match your suit is usually a plain tie, as it is safe. However, if you want to take a risk, you can opt for something with patterns and bright colours. Make sure though that you only wear it if the event is not as formal as a usual evening party. You might also consider a bow instead of a regular tie for a subtler yet elegant look.

Don’t try to stand out if you don’t have a role

You need to act your part in the event. If you are coming as a regular guest, you need to blend in by wearing the usual dark suit and tie. You can choose white and other bright coloured tuxedos if you are one of the primary guests, or if it is your wedding. Otherwise, you might upstage the people celebrating the event.

Choose a customised suit

If you don’t feel ready for the event, you can go to a tailor to see about made to measure suits. They look amazing because they reflect your personality. You can ask the tailor to take your measurements first, and then choose the details you want for the suit. Once it is ready, you can check if it is perfect. You can also go back for further adjustments until you feel satisfied.

Now that you know the things to do before these events, you will feel confident. Even if you are going alone, it does not matter. You know you will do well.

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