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Life Skills Courses in Brisbane

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If an emergency were to strike, hopefully you would know how to treat minor injuries or administer CPR. For people who can’t say that they’re prepared for that, a first aid course could save someone’s life, or even your own.

CPR Lessons

A place like Fluid First Aid can teach all that you need to know about dealing with an emergency. One of the most basic skills to have is CPR certification, and yet so many people don’t know how to perform it. CPR could be the difference between life and death, so surely you can spare a couple of hours to learn the skills and practices. Consider that just a few hours of your time and the cost of a pair of jeans can provide you a CPR certification. CPR is a common qualification for many industries, such as childcare and medical workers. A course will teach you how to recognise when someone needs mouth-to-mouth, how to administer it properly, and what follow-up actions to take. There are several different circumstances to understand, and once you know them, you’ll feel much more confident about your abilities.

Just about any adult can take this course, and it’s open to teens, as well. It’s never too late to learn this life-saving skill, so consider adding it to your resume in the new year.

General First Aid

Besides CPR, there are other basic first aid practices that can be a valuable asset throughout your life. Quality first aid is a combination of practices and knowledge, so look for a course that offers a comprehensive course syllabus. First aid includes CPR, and it is only a couple of hours longer, as it provides more in-depth knowledge and procedures. You’ll learn about handling a wide range of emergencies, as well as how to recognise allergies and asthma attacks. Your knowledge will prove useful in adults and children, as well as in the workplace, at home, and on the go.

Some of other tactics you’ll learn include how to care for basic wounds and bleeding, treating burns, bites, and stings, and taking care of fractures and sprains. It’s important to know the legal implications and regulations surrounding first aid, so look for a course that covers this, too. Moreover, a basic yet thorough understanding of epilepsy, seizures, and diabetes will prove useful in any kind of setting, as will knowing what to do if someone experiences a heart attack.

Child-Specific Care

If you work in a childcare or school setting, it might be in your best interest to invest in a child-specific first aid class. Here you’ll learn how to administer proper CPR to children, as well as the laws and regulations for first aid in an education setting. You will be better prepared to care for kids with pre-existing conditions, too. Furthermore, these skills will come in handy, not only in school, but at home if you have children, and even in the future. While no one wants to think that they’ll need to use first aid training, there’s a certain peace of mind you have when you know that you’re prepared and knowledgeable.

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