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Infertility treatment options for couples wishing to have children

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Infertility is typically noticed when a couple is unable to conceive after having regular sex without protection. Problems can be present in either the man or the woman, so it’s important for both partners to take an infertility test if they find it difficult to conceive after 12 months. Some of the main causes of infertility include older age, tobacco smoking, excessive drinking of alcohol, eating disorders, and stress.

What are the different methods of infertility treatment?

Treatment issued depends on a person’s general state of health, the age of a person under treatment, the level of infertility, and other personal preferences. Some of the different options used to treat infertility are surgery, drugs, and ART (assisted reproduction technology). ART is a highly advanced method of infertility treatment Chicago and costs more than other options.

How long does infertility treatment take?

It depends on the treatment option and the patient under treatment. Patients who are treated with medicine can sometimes take a few months or longer before any significant change occurs. When using a surgical option, conception for most patients happens within a few weeks, though it could be several months in some circumstances. Patients placed under assisted reproduction technology, such as IVF (in vitro fertilization) usually take about two months before any pregnancy symptoms start to develop.

What are the success rates of infertility treatments?

Success rates depend on a series of factors such as the age of a patient, the cause of infertility, the treatment option chosen, and expertise of the treatment center. On average, most infertility treatments are reported to have a 25% success rate in each cycle of treatment. In some cases, a treatment cycle might be repeated several times for the pregnancy symptoms to successfully develop in a patient.

Are there any side effects of infertility treatments?

Some patients may experience any of the following symptoms:

– Multiple pregnancies (pregnancy with two or more fetuses), which increases a mother’s risk of getting high blood pressure or diabetes. She may even experience premature labor and having babies with low birth weight

– Hot flushes

– Allergic reaction to medicine

– Mood swings, stress, and anxiety

– Infections or damage to reproductive tract

– Weight gain, acne, and breast enlargement in men using fertility drugs

– Temporary blurred vision

– Defects in babies—although it’s quite rare

– Cases of ectopic pregnancy

– Some patients may experience ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome from fertility drugs

– Liver damage—although it’s quite rare


For partners who have fertility problems and those who wish to have kids at an older age, there are many methods available a person can choose from. Treatments like fertility drugs, surgical procedures, and assisted reproduction technologies have been found to be effective and many patients report having a successful pregnancy. Talk with your healthcare provider about the treatment option that may be the best for you.

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