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How to Prepare for Your Home Birth

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Have you already decided on homebirth?  If so, there is a high possibility that you have already done a lot of research into the whole idea and you now understand what it entails.

The truth is that home birth is one of the simplest ways to welcome your newborn into the world. More and more expectant mothers and families are turning away from conventional hospital birth and back to delivering at home.

Home birth saves you the hustle of going around trying to identify the right birthing facility and packing bags on your delivery day. However, to ensure that your home birth becomes successful, you need to make sure that everything is in order. Here are a few things that you can do to prepare for your home birth.

Create Ample Space

Make sure that you decide early enough where you want your delivery to take place and make sure that the room you choose is spacious. Clean it and get rid of any fragile objects, cumbersome furniture, special carpet, or any other precious items present in the room.

You need to keep in mind that giving birth is a messy adventure and there is often a lot of blood. Therefore, as you prepare your room, get rid of anything that may become stained or soaked in blood.

Find an Experienced Midwife

Although you may want someone who is loving, outgoing, and trustworthy, don’t substitute experience for these traits. Look for a midwife with plenty of successful homebirths under her belt. She should also be experienced in handling difficult situations that may come up during a homebirth.

Don’t be afraid to interview the midwife and inquire about her experience, especially if you have concerns that need to be addressed.  If you don’t trust a midwife, consider hiring a doula with who you can develop trust and good relationship throughout your pregnancy.

Attend a Class

One of the most critical reasons for educating yourself and attending a birthing class is to learn how to overcome fear and gain the much-needed confidence.  These classes are usually designed for couples who want to learn as much as possible about home births and natural births.

You will learn what to expect during labor as well as various pain management techniques to help you stay comfortable throughout the process. If you can’t find a birth class near your home, be sure to browse online and enroll in one of the online courses.

Have Your Supplies Ready

The last thing you will want to see is your partner dashing in and out looking for essential items when you are just about to give birth. Therefore, make sure that you have everything ready well in advance.

Prepare a list of everything that you will need, buy them, and put them in an easy-to-access location. Make sure that your partner knows where you have stored them just in case you will be in no mood to talk to anyone when you enter into labor.

Plan for Your Siblings

Lastly, make sure that you come up with an idea of how you will handle your other children if you have any. Don’t assume that your partner will be there to take care of them since he will be busy helping the midwife. He might not find any time to give attention to the kids.

Therefore, consider talking to one of your close relatives or friends to come in and watch over them. Think about what you would want your help to do with the kids such as going out, preparing them meals, and maybe watching an interesting film with them.

You should also inform the help what you want your children to be told if they do hear any noises and whether they will be allowed in at some point to see you.

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