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How do you know if your child is using drugs?

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As parents, you need to learn to determine whether behavioral changes in your children match their development or respond to something else, such as drug use. Learn to recognize this behavior.

Nowadays, drugs are one of the most important concerns for parents. Knowing if your child is using drugs is essential for providing timely help. The figures of adolescent drug use published each year are alarming.Parents of addicted youth tell that it is not easy to recognize this problem at an early stage because the signs are not clear. Adolescence is a time of rebellion when a young person can behave in an unusual way and yet, do not use drugs.Young people aged 11 to 21 often have a distorted perception of risk. This explains why they tend to adopt behaviors that they may regret later.

Unbridled adolescence and drugs

By definition, teenagers are bold and rebellious. They live in a time full of difficult changes. This stage corresponds to the development of sexual interest and the need for belonging and identification with peers.This period is characterized by experimenting and trying to stay “on the same wavelength” as their friends. The influence of friendships on each young person is closely linked to the environment in which he evolves.

And if, in addition, there is not a healthy family communication channel to openly talk about all kinds of issues, it can be more difficult to act in time and save the young person from this terrible scourge.

Drugs: an underrated enemy

Many teenagers and parents view drug use as a simple practice. It will stop when they are older. They do not consider the risk of being confronted with it all their lives. This can cause serious problems in their personal and professional lives, as well as in their overall health.

Young people do not understand how much drug testing can become a serious problem. Parents, on the other hand, refuse to accept that their child is not exempt from this type of experience. Therefore, we tend not to prepare ourselves, not to know how to act if this happens.

The first thing you need to do is determine whether your child’s insolent attitudes are due to age-specific hormonal changes. It is essential to look beyond the difficult stage in which they find themselves. And to see if this strange behavior is due to drug use. Also opt for Medication support, if you consider the situation is much more serious than your imagination.

Behaviors to consider

Young people who use drugs will logically try to hide it. It is therefore crucial that you pay attention to any change in behavior, no matter how insignificant it may seem.

Pay attention to odors: Drugs such as cigarettes or tobacco have strong odors that stick to the people who consume them, as well as to their clothes. The strategy consumers use to avoid being discovered is to repeatedly apply perfume. Or chewing gum or washing your hands excessively.

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