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Hand and nail care for your beautiful times

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Used essentially to decorate nails and hands, enamel is also used to mask small imperfections and defects. If you want to add a touch of charm to your hands use it after a perfectly executed manicure. It will be an essential ally for the beauty of your nails.First of all spread a light layer of transparent base. This is to reinforcing your nails that will avoid stains of color or halos. Apply a first layer of enamel and then a spray that accelerates drying. At this point another layer of enamel passes being careful not to overdo the quantities and spread it well. Finally, use the best top coat for nails to fix the color and prolong its durability over time.

Tips and tricks

Shake the enamel to make it homogeneous and eliminate any air bubbles. For a perfect application of the nail polish place your hand on a surface and keep it open. As an alternative to fixers for a good drying you can immerse the nails in a basin with cold water.


The dark colored glazes highlight the shape of the nails. It is important to apply them starting from the tip of the nail towards the root. Avoid using these shades if you have unlined fingers because it will highlight them. Light colors mask the imperfections of the hands and nails. It isrecommended using transparent glazes if you want to give your hands a more elegant look. If you use orange glazes then always apply the transparent base first for their tendency to leave streaks.

Nail health, keep them strong and resistant

Beyond nutrition there are other aspects not to be overlooked for good nail health. A complete manicure every week will not only make your hands and nails look better and healthier but also healthier. The enamel normally has a protective action against external agents, but we advise you periodically to leave the nails natural and rubbing them only with olive oil until it has penetrated completely. To strengthen and clean your nails another great remedy is to massage them with lemon juice. Marry the good habit of always using rubber gloves during housework. Better those with an inner cotton lining

Conclusion: things to know

It is very important to use good specific oil for cuticles.It is ideal for an ultra-quick manicure. If you do not have time but your hands are not presentable just use this product to have a more cared appearance. In everyday life or to go to the office give preference to the glazes mat. The effect is sober and suits women who like discreet and natural make-up. In case you have all polish with a glossy finish you can always opt for a top coat mat.

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