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Does Drinking Alcohol Make You Unattractive?

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Alcohol abuse (https://www.therecoveryvillage.com/alcohol-abuse/) can damage your life in so many ways. Relationships, careers, finances, and health are all at risk. Many people don’t realize it, but even your beauty can fade with abuse. Your appearance can start to show the signs of damaged with long-term alcohol use. Here are some ways that your appearance changes when you use alcohol.

Aging Process Accelerates

A night of drinking can cause you to feel dehydrated the next day. You may be reaching for an extra glass of water. Long-term drinking causes more problems than a parched throat. Antidiuretic hormone production is disrupted by alcohol. You may notice you need to use the restroom more often when drinking. Alcohol triggers your kidneys to remove excess water from your body and skin. Some people who abuse alcohol will have dry skin and a pale tone. Wrinkles will start to appear because of the absence of Vitamin A. The signs of prematurely aging skin due will be noticeable with heavy alcohol consumption.

Unhealthy Redness

Rosy cheeks from alcohol are not cute. Heavy drinking can cause permanent redness of the face. Capillaries dilate and blood flow increases when you take a drink. Some people even get red in the face after one night on the town. Excessive drinking can cause these tiny blood vessels to burst. The result is that your face will look noticeably redder in the nose, cheeks, and chin area.

Bloodshot Eyes 

Those broken capillaries in your face can also appear on the surface of your eyes. This can give you the appearance of looking tired or sick. Alcohol causes more problems than red eyes. Alcoholic optic neuritis is a disease that stems from drinking too much. Nutrients are depleted from the eye tissues. It is a serious issue that can lead to impaired vision and even blindness.

Excessive Bloating

Excessive drinking can cause you to feel and look bloated. Beer bellies may be humorous, but they are nothing more than alcohol abuse. Drinking depletes your body of fluid in the tissues. In response, your body will pull water from other sources. This can cause tissues in the face to swell up and look puffy. People who drink heavily will begin to gain weight too.

Looking Tired

Alcohol can make you look tired. It often causes sleep deprivation and insomnia. If you abuse alcohol, you may have dark spots, baggy eyes, and dull skin. It is hard to hide these signs of heavy alcohol usage. With the lack of sleep, you will also feel mentally unwell too. You may find yourself feeling groggy or getting irritated with everyone around you.

Lifeless Hair 

Your hair will also become damaged due to excessive alcohol use. You may notice plenty of split ends and brittleness with your hair. Drinking can cause you to lose zinc from your system. Hair needs zinc to maintain a healthy shine. The damage to your hair may be permanent as well. Alcohol damaged hair can’t just grow back. You can quit the alcohol usage, but this is no guarantee that your hair will ever recover from the abuse.

Bad Body Odor 

The acid-alkaline balance in your body is known as a pH. Drinking can dramatically change this body chemistry. Each part of your body has a different pH balance. For example, your skin should be more acidic to fight bacteria. Your mouth and salvia are more alkaline to fend off other germs. When you introduce alcohol into the mix, the whole body pH balance is thrown out of control. Your glands and skin may respond in a not so pleasant way. You may notice a foul odor coming from your sweat glands. Attractiveness is not all about appearance. Your body odor plays a big part in the overall appeal to others. A strong body odor definitely will reduce your attractiveness.

Alcohol abuse is so much more than waking up tired. It is a disease that can do serious damage to relationships and careers. Long-term abuse can even take a physical toll on the body. Your appearance will suffer when you abuse this substance. Alcohol abuse can make you look older than your actual age. It is important to seek help if you are finding it difficult to stop drinking.

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