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Do You Want to Extend Your Yoga Practice?

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Today’s world is full of anxieties and stresses. We move rapidly from one activity to another without ever truly focusing our attention on one thing. We expect that the goal of life is to achieve happiness and yet we want to do this without understanding that the human condition is also about suffering too. We so often aspire to seeking pleasure from one moment to the next that we forget that this can make us truly unhappy.

The Dilution of Ancient Wisdom

One of the problems that the West faces is that everything is packaged so that it can be sold to as many people as possible. This simply results in a consumer culture that has no understanding of human nature and no basis in spirituality. It creates a culture that is not just superficial but also divided and fragmented.

This crisis is a personal one but it can be addressed through the seeking of wisdom. The ancient practice of yoga teaches a holistic view that includes mindfulness, philosophy, the soul, and the body. It teaches us that nourishing the soul is about more than buying self-help books. It is about commitment and practice. Sadly, much of the ancient yogic wisdom has been diluted and packaged to appeal to the masses.

Developing Yourself and Nourishing Your Spirit

If you already have an interest in yogic practice but want to learn more and spread it to others, you might also want to learn how to become a yoga teacher. The good news is that courses are available that will teach from the original yogic practices. The benefits of this are:

  • Living with and learning with a community of other yogis and yoga teachers
  • Learning from ancient yogic practices, including Ayurveda and Kirtan, and preserving them for future generations
  • Learning how to apply this new knowledge to set up a yoga practice for prospective students within your own community
  • Gaining internationally recognised certifications

The Many Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is an ancient holistic practice that encompasses all areas of human life and living. It teaches us the importance of mindfulness and the relationship between mind and body. In fact, modern sciences has discovered the benefits of yoga for people of all ages, including:

  • Increase flexibility and balance: For many older people and those with damage to the inner ear, Yoga is invaluable. It increases flexibility of the body and the joints and also teaches greater levels of balance.
  • Lose weight and build strength and tone: Any person who has done any yoga will tell you that many of the foundational poses require significant strength, flexibility, and balance. By engaging in these poses on a regular basis, weight will be lost and body strength will be increased quite significantly.
  • Improve sleep: Yoga can also help anyone who is having trouble sleeping. The physical exertion and the ordering of the mind contribute to a sense of clarity that can improve sleeping patterns.

Yoga is an ancient practice but it has become a shadow of itself in many Western cultures and in many commercial practices. By learning to become a yoga teacher and learning the ancient wisdom, you can help to spread it far and wide.

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