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Discover The Different Types Of Perfumes Right Here!

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Did you know that perfumes are classified based on the concentration of fragrances? Yes, most of us have our favorite brands and scents, and yet, not many know the options in the market. In this post, we will talk about classification of perfumes, so that you can shop like a pro.

  • Also known to many as pure perfume, this is the ideal choice for people who like the scent to linger on for hours. The top ladies perfumes can have fragrance concentrations of 40% too, but in general, you will find a concentration range of 20-30% in most perfumes. If you are someone with sensitive skin, parfums may work best for you, as the amount of alcohol is pretty limited.

  • Eau de Parfum. This contains the highest concentration of essential fragrance after perfumes, somewhere from 15% to 20%. Unlike perfumes, which can last for like eight hours or more, Eau de Parfum lasts for about five hours. Expectedly, the pricing is also on the lower side.
  • Eau de Toilette. Typically, the concentration of fragrance in Eau de Toilette is lower than 15%. It is cheaper and probably one of the most common ones you will find in the market. Simply known as EDT, this kind of perfume is ideal for regular use and can last for about four hours or less.
  • Eau de Cologne. In case of Eau de Cologne, the fragrance concentration is about 4% or less, making it one of the cheapest choices out there. Don’t expect the scent to last for more than two to three hours at best. The bottles are also bigger in general, so that more perfume can be used when required. It is also important to mention Eau Fraiche as one of the other choices, which has fragrance concentration of about 3% with rest of it being water.

  • Body mists. This is what you can find in the local market. Body mists and others in the same line are designed to fit the needs of the budget buyer, so don’t expect the scent to last for more than a while.

If you are confused as what to pick, consider your budget as the first step. In case you don’t mind shelling a tad more, Eau de Parfum or a good perfume is the ideal choice. Also , don’t shy away from experimenting with the choices and brands, because there are some really original scents out there waiting to be discovered.

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