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Debunking Common Myths about the Use of Hair Extensions

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Have you been wanting to try hair extensions but got discouraged because of a few negative things you have heard about it? In many cases, such belief is no more than misconceptions, and in this post, we aim to debunk a few of them.

If you are not at all familiar with hair extensions or having lingering doubts about using them, then you may find this post useful. Let us get right to it!

Hair Extensions can leave your hair looking damaged and sparse

That is not the case with clip-in hair extensions! They don’t take out your hair because you take them out at night, and only use them when you want to boost the length and thickness of your hair. If clipped inappropriately, clip-in hair extensions cause no damage to your hair.

There are various hair extension application methods out there, about which you ought to do thorough research before committing. Out of all types of hair extensions, clip in hair extensions offers the quickest and most convenient way of getting thicker and longer hair. Other long-term hair extensions might trigger some damage to your hair over an extended period, whereas momentary approaches like clip-ins are endured a selective basis and enable your hair to ‘breathe’ and rest when the extensions aren’t being used.

Hair extensions look unnatural and does not blend with your natural hair

Another common fault is that hair extensions do not blend with natural hair which is not necessarily the case. If you pick the right set of hair extensions for your hair type and practice clipping them in – the extensions will mix in seamlessly with your hair.

So how do you correctly apply clip in hair extensions? Well, the first thing that you need to do is to make sure you have chosen the right weight or volume in your hair extension.

There are three different weights you can choose from:

  • The 120g sets are developed for those who have thin hair and not a great deal of it.
  • 160 grams hair extensions for people who have moderate hair volume and looking to add more while maintaining a natural look.
  • The 220g sets are created for those who have thick hair, much hair, blunt haircuts or short hair.

It’s crucial to pick the set inning accordance with your hair for an ideal and smooth appearance such that nobody would be able to tell that you’re wearing extensions!

Hair extensions cause headaches

You can expect that wearing hair extensions will make your head feel a bit heavier than usual but not to the extent that it causes headaches or get migraines each time. If you clip in 120 grams of hair extension, it will feel precisely that much heavier! Over time, you will get used to them and may even forget that you are wearing them.

Of course, some people might get headaches if they have very sensitive scalps but it is not due to hair extensions alone. These people can get a headache from something as simple as styling their hair into a ponytail. The technique to not get any headaches when wearing clip-in hair extensions is to clip them in a little lower on your hair, instead of right at the scalp.

Hair extensions cause tangling and are difficult to maintain

Quality hair extensions are about as easy to maintain as that of your natural hair. You do not need to visit a stylish every time although an occasional appointment might be useful as these experts may give you helpful advice on how to make the most out of your hair extensions.

Considering that hair extension aren’t connected to your scalp, they don’t get oily – and for that reason, they do not even need to be cleaned that often.  About once every 15 to 20 uses is sufficient.

As for tangling, well even our natural hair is susceptible to them. The degree to which the hair tangles depends on the quality of the hair extension. If you get 100 percent  human hair wigs, then you can expect minimal tangling.

Of course, if your natural hair is vulnerable to tangling, then it might naturally trigger the extensions to contend it – but as long as you brush the hair out periodically, then this need not be a problem at all.

So there you have it — a few common misconceptions about the use of hair extensions and the truth behind it. Knowing these things puts you in a better position to decide whether hair extensions are well worth adding to your hair styling regimen.

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