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Cosmetic Surgery: The Whys and Who’s

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It’s no secret that today’s world has an obsession with appearances. Aesthetics is a key factor when people make decisions regarding people, services, goods, and even certain objects. Products are sold in packaging that is appealing, commercials make use of visually pleasing scenery, TV celebs and Hollywood actors do their best to be attractive – the examples go on and on.

It really isn’t a surprise, given this tendency, that some people the feel a need to fit in with today’s beauty standards. Luckily for them, modern medicine offers way to modify or even enhance their appearance. This is done through many procedures – including cosmetic surgery. While this might be a controversial solution, it is an industry that’s growing in popularity across the globe.

Physical Issues

At times, plastic surgery is needed to restore the functionality of certain areas of the body. As an example, blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery, can assist with the improvement of peripheral vision, which is helpful when driving. Some people have nasal surgery, or septoplasty, to eliminate or reduce snoring.

There’s also just the desire to look better or different. Many people get rhinoplasty, which is a cosmetic surgery on the nose. It is best if this is thoroughly researched before a decision to go ahead with this type of thing is made. There might be a need to have additional surgery for it in the future, from someone like Dr. Binder who regularly performs revision rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills. This is needed when the nose collapses, or if there are any issues with the original surgery years down the line. The point here is that it rarely ends with a single surgery.


Being accepted and liked by others is a common reason women want to have cosmetic surgery. For some reason, many women feel as if cosmetic surgery will make them more beautiful. However, this is also a reason that can lead to a slope that is extremely slippery. What society sees as attractive is largely dictated by the media. If you don’t happen to fit in with that look, you might feel as if you aren’t attractive and your personality and mood can end up suffering as a result.

However, if a cosmetic procedure can make you appear more attractive, like a breast augmentation or a rhinoplasty, your personality and mood may benefit from those types of enhancements.

This is dangerous though because, in reality, you will rarely come out looking like the models in magazines that have been computer enhanced. Because of this, anyone who tries to look like models by getting cosmetic surgery will more than likely never be happy with their looks and will end up getting more and more procedures done.

When all is said and done, there are many reasons for people from all walks of life to feel the need for cosmetic or plastic surgery. From being depressed to wanting to achieve perfection to aiming to get back to pre-pregnancy looks, and everything in between, the reasons go on and on. If you feel the need for this type of procedure, just make sure you do your homework first and know what you’re getting into.

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