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Choosing your Speciality

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So you want to be a Doctor but you aren’t sure what you want to specialise in? Well, we are briefly going to take a look at some of the various areas of medicine you could go into and what the kind of challenges you could face.

  1. Surgery

Surgeons elect to operate to treat sickness and disease and they specialise in managing the diagnosis of the patient as well as the patient’s journey through the operative process from pre-op to post-op care and evaluation. Surgeons must remain at the very top of their field and have to be highly knowledgeable on everything from physiology and pathology to wound healing and resuscitation.  They work anywhere between 60-70 hours per week and whilst the work they carry out is extremely stressful it is a highly rewarding albeit competitive branch of medicine.

  1. Psychiatry

You can choose to use your medical degree to treat disorders of the mind rather than diseases of the body, although often the two are connected. Your work will focus on making an accurate diagnosis of emotional, behavioural and mental disorders and working with medical doctors to provide a comprehensive range of diagnostic tests to uncover the underlying illnesses causing these symptoms. You can work in hospitals and psychiatric institution and you will get to conduct your own research and present your findings.

  1. Anaesthesia

An anaesthesiologist will meet the patient before they go into surgery and they are in charge of making sure that they administer the correct anaesthetic whether it is local or general. They are charged with monitoring a number of the patient’s vitals during the operation as well as ensuring that they are getting enough oxygen during the procedure which can be challenging when some operations can last hours. Whilst you can expect to spend over 10 years studying to get to this level, anaesthesiologists are highly paid and are always in demand.

  1. Radiology

A radiologist is a doctor who specialises in using medical imaging to diagnose and treat diseases. This is a very interesting field and requires a lot of technical expertise. You will use imaging techniques such as MRI, CT as well as PET and ultrasound to ascertain the extent of the patient’s injuries or disease and then use these techniques to monitor the progression or healing process.

This is a key role within a hospital and you would be depended upon by a number of different departments and doctors to provide an accurate diagnosis in a timely manner.

  1. Oncology

An oncologist specialises in the study and treatment of cancer and you would be tasked with providing care on an individual level seeing the patient through the entire treatment process. This is a very challenging area to work in and can be emotionally difficult; however, oncologists are always in great demand and command a high salary.

So why not find out more about which field you would like to specialise in by consulting a recruiter such as https://mascmedical.com and see how you could make a difference today.

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