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Choosing the Best-Looking Engagement Ring

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The right engagement ring will complement a woman’s hand and ensure that it looks great and she loves wearing it. Consider the following things when choosing a ring that she’ll love.

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There are a lot of things to consider when you buy an engagement ring for someone special in your life. While you need to take into consideration your budget, the style of ring, and the type of stone used, there are a few other factors that you will also want to consider. Taking your time when choosing a ring will ensure that you pick the one that will look the best.

Consider Her Fingers

A woman’s fingers will play a huge role in how an engagement ring looks when she wears it. Women who have very long and slim fingers should wear smaller rings so that their fingers don’t look overwhelmed by the ring. If a woman has thicker fingers, then she can generally wear larger stones and thicker bands without them looking out of place.

Think About Hand Size

Women who have very petite hands, even iftheir fingers are thicker, are better off opting for rings that will elongatetheir hands. Longer stones instead of square or princess-cut diamonds will helpthe hand look longer and thinner. Working with a company that provides unique jewellery designs in the heart of Sydney is the best way to design a ring thatwill perfectly complement a woman’s hands. If a woman has long and slenderhands, then a heavier ring will help to balance how they look and prevent thering from appearing too fragile.

Image Source: Pexels

Consider Hand Shape

Hand shape also matters when you are choosing a great-looking ring. If the hand is bigger and square in shape, then you can soften those angles by choosing a ring that has feminine designs and a rounder stone. In this case, skip square shapes and look for oval or pear-cut stones. The opposite is also true as women with thinner, delicate hands can wear something that will add more substance to their fingers and their overall hand shape.

The right ring won’t just be beautiful and meaningful but will make the woman wearing it feel confident in the way that her hands and fingers look, which is why it’s so important to take into consideration the shape and style of her hands and fingers. A great ring that improves how her hands look will make her feel beautiful and inspire her to wear her ring every day.

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