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Causes of Acid Reflux and Ways to Treat It

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Acid reflux is not life-threatening, but it could be an annoyance. It might start with an unexplainable pain that could lead to difficulty in doing physical activities or even sleeping. Acid reflux happens due to the reverse passage of gastric contents into the oesophagus, resulting in heartburn. Frequent acid reflux means that you have GORD or Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease. It is not necessarily a severe condition, and a lot of people have it. The problem is that if it happens consistently, it could damage the lining of the oesophagus. Therefore, you need to speak with your doctor to determine if surgery is necessary.

You can opt for anti reflux surgery London clinics offer for extreme cases. Before even considering it, you need to know why you have this problem to find a way to avoid it.


When you love eating fried or greasy foods, it could lead to acid reflux. High-fat meat and dairy products are also among the most significant reasons. Coffee, alcohol and carbonated drinks could exacerbate the problem too. If you love spicy foods, they could also increase the severity. All of these foods stimulate the production of excess acid in the body, resulting in acid reflux.

Apart from what you eat, the amount of food and the time for eating will also have an effect. Eating large meals could worsen the problem. Lying down after eating or close to your bedtime could also trigger acid reflux.

People who are overweight could have acid reflux due to increased pressure on the stomach. It could force open the valve each time you eat. Stress might also be another factor.

For medicines, you need to avoid pain relievers and muscle relaxants. Blood pressure medications might also stimulate acid reflux.

Solving the problem

Changing your lifestyle is the first step. Avoid foods that stimulate acid production. Eat food in small quantities. Chew everything well before swallowing. Do not eat when you are about to sleep. Walk around after every meal instead of lying on your bed.

Add more herbs instead of spices for flavour. Cooked vegetables are perfect sources of fibre to help with bowel movements. Lean meat, fish and nuts are ideal protein alternatives to high-fat options.

It is okay to eat fruits provided that they are not too acidic. Citrus fruits are a big no. Apples, peaches and bananas contain the same vitamins but are not too harmful.

When you sleep, you can slightly elevate your head to decrease the effects of acid reflux. It prevents the acid from rising to your chest. Increase your physical activities to strengthen your muscles.

If you still need surgery due to the severity of the problem, you need the best doctors to help you. After the surgery, you cannot go back to your old ways, or else, it will trigger another problem. Follow your doctor’s advice and do not feel tempted to do the things that could worsen your acid reflux.

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