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Can Pregnancy Cause Any Kind of Vision Problem?

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There are number of myths associated with pregnancy. Some of them can be really hilarious too. By looking at the beauty of the mother some people predict, whether it is a boy or girl, if you eat too much spice then the baby can be blind etc. However, one of the myths should be taken seriously which is about sudden vision problem during pregnancy.

I have discussed this issue with an eye doctor near me who told me that due to hormonal changes during pregnancy certain unexpected things can occur. Some women tend to forget as their memory is affected by flood of hormones. Even eyes can also be affected due to various changes in hormones, metabolism, blood circulation, and fluid retention. All these are only temporary and after the birth of the child, these will be restored back. In case the eye problem still remains then she must see an eye specialist.

What other eye problem can you expect during pregnancy?

  • Dry eyes

Most of the women have a common problem and that is dry eyes during pregnancy. Therefore, you need to lubricate your eyes by using artificial tears. However, before using it you must check with an eye doctor whether it is safe for your baby. Some of the artificial tears contains certain preservatives, that can lead to negative effects. Therefore, use one which is recommended by your eye doctor.

  • Blurred vision

Due to water retention during pregnancy, not only your feet and ankle may swell up but also it can change the curvature thickness of your cornea and due to that you may have blurred vision. It will not be much however you may have to change your contact lens or the power of your glass to correct your eyesight. After pregnancy and breast feeding your cornea will return back to original shape.

  • Ruptured blood vessel of your eye

Sometimes due to vomiting during pregnancy, there can be a rupture in thin blood vessels of your eyes. Due to this reason, there can be temporary vision defect. Most of the time the condition gets restored without any treatment. However, in certain cases, blood need to be drained from the affected eye. Consult your doctor if you are experiencing this problem too often.

  • Improved glaucoma symptoms

In few cases during pregnancy glaucoma symptoms improve and your doctor may have to modify your medication. In case you have glaucoma and planning for pregnancy then consult your doctor.

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