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Benefits of using Careprost Solution

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Careprost medicine is more widely used in the treatment of glaucoma and ocular hypertension. Other than this, Careprost is a popular solution used for the growth of eyelashes. When your eyelash growth is abnormal or inadequate, Careprost solution helps to grow longer, thicker and darker eyelashes. You can grab it from safe generic pharmacy

Careprost is used in the treatment of the following medical conditions of the eyes:

Treatment of Glaucoma- The main cause of glaucoma is the increased pressure in the eye known as intraocular pressure. This increase in eye pressure damages the optic nerve leading to partial or complete blindness. Careprost eye drop is the most preferred medication in case of glaucoma. However, surgery is recommended in severe cases.

Therapy for Ocular Hypertension – This ophthalmic solution is used for lowering the pressure in the eyes, known as intraocular pressure (IOP) thus causing a built up of fluid inside the eyes. This may cause gradual loss of sight. Careprost drops when used, drain the excess fluid out of the eyes and help in treatment of IOP.

Some of the key benefits of using Careprost for your eyelashes are:

  1. Boosts eyelash growth

Users who regularly use careprost solution over a period of time, notice they eyelash becoming thicker and darker than before. It strengthens the hair follicle, thus speeding up the process of eyelash growth cycle. 

  1. Better than artificial lashes

Many false eyelash and other beauty products are available in the market now. But they only have a temporary effect, and damage the eyes in the long run.  Compared to false eyelashes, careprost is a natural and safer solution for your lashes.

  1. Affordable and User Friendly

Compared to the other alternatives available in market for eyelash growth and enhancement, the price of careprost is cheaper, and readily available online also. 

  1. Lesser side effects

The main active ingredient of Careprost Eye Drop is Bimatoprost, which promotes the growth of lashes and has fewer side effects than other similar products. 

  1. Easy to apply

Careprost solution comes in form of eye drops and can be easily applied with the help of an applicator or an eyeliner brush on the upper part of your eyelid. 

  1. Safe to use

It has been clinically tested and approved by FDA for eyelash growth. This serum accelerates the growth of eyelash naturally and hence is safe to use. 

  1. Good for eye vision

Careprost ophthalmic solution balances the flow of fluid in the eyes, thus maintaining the eye pressure to an optimum level. 

Many beauty experts recommend using this solution as long as it does not show any negative effects. With careprost solution, give your eyelashes a transformed look. For more information visit here :

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