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Bacopa Monnieri and its Benefits for Human Body

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Bacopa Monnieri, or moneywort, is a very common and well-known herb that has been used in Ayurvedic medicines for over three centuries. First discovered and used in India, the herb today is popular in all the parts of the world because of its ability to improve brain functions. It is commonly identified as a nootropic herb that helps in repairing the damaged neurons while improving the functions of the brain.

Bacopa has been traditionally used in India to improve memory and intellect. The herb is popularly known as “Brahmi,” which is derived from the name of the Hindu god Brahma, the creator of the universe – as per the Hindu beliefs. It is also known as Indian Bacopa in the western world and is given to children from an early age to promote their cognitive and memory functioning.

Recently, the popularity and the demand of Bacopa has seen a drastic surge, thanks to the various benefits associated with the herb. Bacopa helps in treating various conditions, including Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, dementia, anxiety, depression, and various others. However, all these conditions can be cured by over-the-counter drugs, but they contain side effects that Bacopa doesn’t have. This is because of the fact that apart from being a nootropic, Bacopa is also an adaptogen and a diuretic as well.

Bacopa monnieri extract is available in the market and online stores easily because of the impressive list of health and nutritional benefits associated with the herb. These benefits are usually credited to the saponins, alkaloids, and sterols present in the herb. Here are some of the most important benefits of Bacopa monnieri:

It helps improve the symptoms of epilepsy

Bacopa has been traditionally used in the Ayurveda to reduce the frequency of epileptic episodes in the people suffering from epilepsy. The herb is known to affect the GABA receptors in the brain, which are responsible for regulating and maintaining the neural excitation. Any imbalance in the GABA receptors the occurrences of seizure, and Bacopa helps in keeping the balance in the GABA receptors intact, therefore leading to fewer seizures. This also leads to the reduction of the symptoms of epilepsy.

It has anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties

The herb contains compounds called bacosaponin c and bacopasides that are studied to shoe anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties. These compounds are known to play an active role in soothing the neurons and helping people suffering from anxiety and depression.

It benefits the cognitive abilities

Bacopa is considered to be a nootropic – a compound that helps in promoting the functions of the brain. The various substances found in the herb make it one of the most effective nootropics that you can find today. Not only it helps in boosting your brain functions, but it also enhances the cognitive abilities of the brain, therefore, leading to better thinking, sharp memory, improved reflexes, and various other things.

 It promotes healthy blood pressure

Bacopa is studied to help in promoting the vascular muscle function and complete utilization of nitric oxide in the body. These two processes are responsible for normalizing the blood pressure levels in the body. It doesn’t matter I you have high blood pressure or low blood pressure; Bacopa is studied to benefit both the conditions.

It acts as an adaptogen

Bacopa has the ability to regulate the body’s response to acute and chronic stress. This is because the herb helps in improving the levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain. These substances are important to keep stress, anxiety, and depression away.

There you go, these are some of the most important benefits of Bacopa monnieri. It is indeed a wonder herb that not only helps your brain in more than one ways, but it also promotes various other conditions that are important for a healthy life.

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