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Are Societal Pressures Causing Women to Lose Their Hair?

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If there is one thing that changes as much as clothing trends, it’s hair trends. There is always a new style, colour or styling technique to try but not many people stop to consider what these trends are doing to their natural hair.

Whether you’re wondering how a certain trend could affect your hair or you’ve already started noticing a difference in the health of your hair, this is what you need to know.

Hair Trends & Hair Loss: Is There a Link?

It’s because of hair trends and products, such as the ones below, that there’s also been major growth in the hair transplantation and restoration space.

Both men and women from across the globe are turning to hair restoration clinics for assistance and are walking away with amazing results because of advancements in hair restoration techniques.

If you’re considering speaking to a professional about the health and future of your hair or you want to find out more about what these techniques are capable of, refer to this hair loss information & these before and after images.

Now, let’s look at some of the trends that could contribute to hair loss.

Brazilian Blowout

This trend has been around for a good few years and while the results are beautiful, it can damage your hair over the long term. Unfortunately, the treatment does contain excessive amounts of methylene glycol, an agent that is known to cause side effects such as hair loss. Overexposing the scalp to harsh chemicals over long periods of time will eventually have an effect on your scalp as well as your hair follicles.

Heat Styling

You don’t need a professional treatment to damage your scalp and hair either, everyday styling can contribute to hair loss problems too. If heat styling tools are a regular part of your day, a hair protection spray is a must. Better yet, giving your hair a break from styling tools every now and then will decrease breakage and long term damage.

Hair Dye

Whether you love changing the colour of your hair or you head to your local salon to touch up your roots on a regular basis, hair dye does damage your scalp and your hair follicles. Bleaching your hair is particularly damaging because it breaks down the natural pigments of the hair and makes your strands very brittle. Many of today’s hair dyes contain ammonia, which breaks through the barriers of the hair in order to take effect, leaving you with damaged hair.

If you do dye your hair, it’s always better to seek assistance from a professional stylist that uses high-quality products and the right methods as this can help minimise the damage it causes, if only slightly.

For some, hair loss is genetic and inevitable but there are always steps that you can take to not only protect your hair but decrease the speed at which hair damage and loss occurs. If you will be considering hair restoration, speak to a reputable professional that has the right qualifications and proven experience.

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