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All That You Must Know About Plantar Fasciitis

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Plantar fasciitis is a kind of inflammation of the tissue bands which connect the heel to toes and causes a painful condition. Our plantar fascia ligament is made of quite flexible fibrous tissue which stretches from bone of the heel to the ball of our foot and forms an arch that absorbs and distributes the daily impact of our standing, walking jumping and running.


Let me briefly mention what doctor in Toronto says while explaining this problem with his typical French accent “qu’est-ce qu’une faciite plantaire sévère” that means in English is what is severe plantar Fasciitis. The patient in this condition feels a pain in the bottom of his feet that can be either at the center or front of the heel bone.  Generally, when the patient wakes up during morning from the bed the pain is maximum. Then again it can happen while the patient is standing or when he sits for a pretty long time.

In case, you are having any one or more than one of the following symptoms then you may be possibly suffering from Plantar Fasciitis.

  • Either after long period of rest or while you get up from bed in the morning the pain is worse
  • In your sole of the foot particularly at the heel area, a sharp, aching or burning pain is felt
  • Gradually heel pain may develop or sometimes suddenly the pain is felt
  • Heel pain that could be related with obesity or sudden weight gain

  • If the foot pain persists for several days, you may experience after few months or years
  • Pain is felt in one foot though it can also happen in both the feet
  • Redness, swelling or warmth in the heel area
  • Difficulty felt in standing or you may be limping

How it is diagnosed

If you visit a doctor in case you are experiencing the pain as explained above, he will check the tender portion of your foot and can tell you that you are suffering from Plantar fasciitis. Any experienced doctor can tell you the exact location of your pain and what is really causing it. He will not need any imaging tests however in very rare cases doctor may suggest you to take an X-ray or MRI scan so that he can rule out any other possible reason of this pain. Other causes could be stress fracture or compressed or pinched nerve in the heel.

Usually, such problem goes away on its own however if it persists for very long time then you must visit a doctor.

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