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A cure for glaucoma helps to recover your eyelashes

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Thick, long eyelashes – the cherished dream of the majority of the fairer sex. Many actresses, do not hesitate to use false eyelash bundles, ultra-extension mascara or undergo a procedure of building in salons. But, perhaps, soon for beauties, a more modern and effective analogue of mascara and false eyelashes will appear.

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American pharmacists have made a very interesting discovery. A Lumigan can produce not only healing, but also a cosmetic effect, namely to stimulate the growth of eyelashes. Now the manufacturer of the drug company Allergan has filed an application with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to release the drug for a new indication.

The prostaglandin analogue bimatoprost, sold under the brand name Lumigan ($214 retail pharmacy Lumigan price with discount) in the form of eye drops for the treatment of glaucoma, was tested for a new indication of 137 volunteers. The control group receiving the placebo included 141 people. During clinical trials, the drug was applied to the eyelid skin under the eyelashes using a special applicator.

An undoubted effect was achieved within 16 weeks in 78% of participants taking the drug, and only in 18% of the control group.

No serious side effects from its use were found. Some volunteers observed a reversible darkening of the eyelashes and iris, but most of them did not consider this a cosmetic defect.

Based on these tests, Allergan applied to the FDA for a commercial release of a drug to enhance eyelash growth called Latisse in the form of a solution with an applicator. According to independent experts, additional pre- and post-marketing studies of delayed side effects, as well as the efficacy and safety of the drug in different ethnic and age groups are needed.

Lumigan eyedrops that help stop blindness from glaucoma, reducing excess fluid in the eye – accidentally increase eyelashes and possibly treat for baldness and baldness.

Growth or eyelash extension due to these drops is unequivocally proven. Now research suggests that the active ingredient in the drug, called bimatoprost, has the same effect of treating baldness.

Now preliminary studies on the possibility of the bimatoprost drug component in Lumigan drops to completely change hair loss during baldness in men and women are in the active phase. At the same time, Professor Valerie Randall from the University of Bradford in England has already said that the drug really stimulates the growth of human hair follicles on the head and is quite able to offer a new approach to a new approach to the problem of random hair loss and baldness.

In particular, the effect of droplets was tested on the tissue of the upper part of the head (scalp), a volunteer who underwent cosmetic surgery.

As a result, one third more hair was grown in the treatment area than in the untreated scalp area, in just nine days.

Silent Disease

Results from a laboratory study of a panacea for baldness appear in the Journal of FASEB, published by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. The drug was tested on living scalp tissue obtained from volunteer donors undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Scalp follicles have been found to contain exactly the same molecular receptors responsive to bimatoprost, like eyelash follicles.

The drug for the treatment of baldness can contribute to eyelash extensions.

  • The results of the next phase of clinical trials currently taking place in the USA and Germany should be available before the end of the year.
  • They involve in a six-month study of 220 men with baldness and 172 women with female baldness.
  • This compares with the known treatment of baldness (baldness) using the drug minoxidil. However, in any case, we should not forget to use vitamins for hair.
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