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5 Things To Expect After Liposuction Surgery

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Information And Innovation

Plastic and reconstructive surgeries have made rapid strides. Cosmetic procedures like liposuction and tummy tuck have also become safe. The advanced research and innovative technologies assist the specialists in this field. Modern doctors stay up to date and rely on the best, safest surgical procedures. They do not compromise on patient’s safety and reduce the risk of postoperative complications.

However, Patients are more often than lot lay people. They have very limited information and lack in-depth understanding of the surgeries. They go by rumors and develop undue anxiety or freak out unnecessarily. A little bit of research goes a long way in allaying these unreasonable fears. Consulting with a top specialist should also be at the top of your agenda.  The expert doctor shares his experiences and answers all your nagging doubts.

Different Types Of Procedure

Let us take a look at Liposuction surgery as it happens in today’s world. It is basically a fat removal procedure performed by certified specialists. The doctor successfully reduces unwanted fat cells from various body areas. These include chin, neck, shoulders, arms, and backside. The tummy, waist, hips, and legs are also operated upon without any risk.

The surgeons rely on different types of cutting edge liposuction techniques. They include prominent methods, namely, suction, tumescent, laser, vaser, and power assisted lipo. Based on the patient’s requirements, The doctor prescribes a suitable procedure. Other factors like costs, safety assessment, and recovery are taken into consideration.

Liposuction is however not a remedy or solution for obesity. Patients who seek a shapely figure undergo this fat reduction operation. They may also opt for a combination of lipo with the tummy tuck and body sculpting services. Specialised lipo such as 4D High Definition is also gaining ground. In this procedure, Autologous Fat Transfer is done for toned muscles.

Usually, The outer fat layer above muscles and under the skin are removed. The surgeon does not risk the patient’s safety at any time. He may suggest a single operation or multiple sessions. You can look at the before and after pictures at the clinic for a good idea of results. However, Discuss all the risks and post-operative expectations without being self-conscious.


It is a safe, aesthetic procedure that has cosmetic benefits for both men and women. Certified doctors do not prescribe it as a complete cure or treatment for obesity. The liposuction surgery is for patients who aspire for attractive physical contours. For various reasons, you may not be able to exercise regularly. Then lipo can be very effective for you.

Some patients are not able to follow a balanced dietary regimen. Their sleep patterns and lifestyle habits are also challenging.  All such patients are good candidates for the most effective lipo treatment. A slim, shapely figure also improves their self-esteem and pride.

True beauty and cosmetic needs are always subjective in nature. By reducing fat cells in different areas, you appear more shapely. With body contouring and tummy tucks, you can even seem more fitter. This can help women in wearing modern outfits like skirts and bikinis. Men with gynecomastia or large breasts can also undergo this medical procedure.

Those who have ungainly fat under the arms and thighs suffer a lot. They tend to sweat a lot more than others due to physical exhaustion. They also experience a lot of friction in these areas which is very uncomfortable. All such problems can be mitigated after the surgery.

Finally, Some patients have lipodystrophy or uneven fat distribution. They have excessive fat in some body areas, while others are slimmer. Keeping the cost of liposuction in mind they can opt for multiple procedures. After surgery, Their physical appearance is more attractive and they can avoid social embarrassment.

The Top 5 Post-operative Expectations

  1. Pain

It is a surgery and there will be some pain afterwards. This will be mild and you feel like there is a bruise in the operated area. You can do regular things, but always stay positive for quicker recovery.

  1. Scars

The surgeon only makes small cuts the size of finger nails. Obviously, Total number of incisions determines the amount of scarring. Surgeon usually hides them in skin folds and creases.

  1. Results

After surgery, Patients may have some mild form of swelling. This has to heal and quicker recovery can happen within 4 to 6 months. Cosmetically important fat cells are removed effectively.

  1. Skin

Those with elastic skin adjust more easily than others. However, Skin removal is not part of liposuction. You can opt for tummy tuck to overcome such other problems.

  1. Weight Gain

Lipo is not a prescribed treatment for weight loss or obesity. New fat cells may not grow, but existing ones can bulge later. You have to follow the doctor’s instructions carefully.

Tip: During consultancy, discuss issues like removed fat volume/amount, and overnight stay.

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